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Related article: Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 15:01:15 EST From: Tommyhawk1aol.com Subject: Adventures in Fruit-Picking ADVENTURES IN FRUIT PICKING By Tommyhawk1AOL.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSROGUEMOON.COM[Note: There's a secret to this particular Preteen Models Bbs story, odd as it is, but I'll save that until the end. Now, now! Don't peek! That'd ruin the surprise!] My little brother Terry and I were watching our pickup truck, now holding a big box on the back like a camper (a wooden frame with stakes that went into the holes on the rim of the pickup-bed), as my Dad and several relatives worked loading the "camper" the big wooden box made with smaller boxes, these containing our clothes, the kitchen stuff, just about everything but furniture from our house. I saw that there were a few little holes along each side of the box Preteen Models Bbs and no boards down next to the rim of the pickup-bed, but otherwise, the box was fully enclosed. By now, the entire pickup bed was filled with smaller boxes, all the way up to the edges of the pickup bed on back (it was one of the old model pickups that had the rear tires in separate little half-moons outside the truck bed, so that all the bed was inside the axles, not over the tires). And now Daddy and Uncle JayDee and my cousin-by-marriage Elrod were sliding boards across the top of the pickup bed to make a sort of semi-floor, like the slats you put under the mattress on your bed-frame, and I saw the mattresses from our beds still hadn't gone onto the pickup. They were still in the house on our beds but I knew we were going to take them with us. Which left me with a puzzler! "How's it all going to fit?" I asked Mom. "We're going to put the mattresses on top of the slats." Mom explained. "But where are we going to be?" I complained. Rightly so, I'd been told we'd be riding in back of the pickup along with all our stuff for the long ride up to Colorado. I already knew that the space had to be shared by not only me and my brother Terry, but by my cousins Deke and Chuck (the sons of my mother's older sister) and Jeff, Jed and Jeremy (the sons of my mother's younger brother), all of them were close to my own age. Chuck was the oldest at eleven years Preteen Models Bbs old, and my brother and Jeremy were the youngest at five years old. I wasn't much older, I was six years old, nearly seven), my younger brother and I were born less than a year and a half apart. But even so, slipping seven kids into the pickup with all that stuff besides was looking kind of impossible here. "You'll all fit." Mom chided me. "We'll put the mattress on the slats and you'll all crawl on top of that. You'll have a couple of feet of room." "But where are we going to sit?" "You won't." Mom said. "You'll be lying down the whole way." "All the way?" I whined. Remember, I was only six years old. "You'll be a lot more comfortable than us." Mom reminded me. "And we'll only be on the road a little more than two days. We'll start out first thing tomorrow morning and we'll be there by afternoon the next day. You can sleep for most of the trip, talk with your friends (Mother always called my brother and cousins my "friends") and play some card games or something. Use your imaginations!" Another of my mother's favorite words. When it came time the next morning to eat the cold sandwiches for breakfast and then we kids all climbed up onto the mattresses. There was less than two feet from the mattress to the top of the box my father and uncles had built. My Dad, Mom, older sister Cathy and cousin Willa all crowded into the front cab of the pickup, the rest of my family crammed into another pickup completely loaded with their stuff and two other cars, and our caravan started out. We were leaving for Colorado to pick fruit for the rest of the summer and into the fall. I would have to start second grade (I would turn seven next month) there. I didn't know just how long we'd stay there; it all depended on how things went, but for a kid my age, it was the next best thing to an adventure. Only you don't expect to start an adventure flat on your back in a wooden box in back of a pickup, unable to see out! Those airholes were down below the level of the mattresses, they let in plenty of air what with the air also coming in through cracks between the wood planks here and there (only the front was sealed off pretty tight except for Preteen Models Bbs that window protected by the pickup looking into the cab), but the view was one of the roadway below and nothing else! By leaning over and peering over the edge of the mattress, we could just see the top of the back window of the pickup. We kids were arrayed foot-to-foot on the beds, our legs slightly interlaced. Head to the front were me, my cousin Deke, my brother Terry and my cousin Jeremy. Chuck and Jeff and Jed were pointed head to the back of the pickup. I had Chuck's foot up against my left calf and Jeff's up against my right. Our world was two feet high, six feet wide and about that long. It held seven boys within it. Mom was wrong, a game of cards was an impossibility. We could manage maybe a game between two of us, but three? No way. Turning onto our sides was about all we could do and that was risking a bump if you tried Preteen Models Bbs to do more than turn. That left us with nothing to do but talk. We didn't have a heck of a lot to talk about, and what we'd had to talk about had been done the two days my family had gathered to get ready for the trip. So I guess what happened next was pretty inevitable, it wasn't like we hadn't done it all before, usually more one-on-one. And let's face it, what else were we going to do? I was carrying on a bit of conversation with Deke and I looked down to see Chuck and Jeremy's hands were slipping into each other's shorts. Chuck's hand pulled out Jeremy's dick and I watched as his fingers slid up and down Jeremy's prong. The two oldest of my cousins, Jeremy had a pretty respectable length on him, I raised my head up and saw that Chuck's dick was even bigger, maybe four or five inches long. I knew it was a lot bigger than my little two-inch wienie (remember I was only six then), and I sort of gaped at the promise of what I could hope for one day before much longer. I was growing out of clothes all the time as it was, so I figured this was all just waiting for me up the road, I wasn't envious, but I was admiring, all right! This wasn't a case of them kissing and hugging or such, it was the usual kid's game of grab-dick. I giggled and said to Deke, "Looks like Chuck and Jeremy found something to do." "Uh-huh." Deke said of his brother and cousin. "Guess there's nothing else to do, huh?" "Nu-uh." I agreed. "You wanna?" "Okay." Deke agreed. I had only played with my cousins and such in the darkness and under the covers, this was the first time I was seeing them in the light. It added such a new dimension to the game, not just feeling it, not just kind of doing it with whispers and movements under the covers, but here, in the light of day. How can I describe that, we were inside a box on a mattress with the quilts underneath us, we were all wearing t-shirts and shorts (no shoes in this weather) and there was nobody to see us, just the roar of the pickup as it wended its way on the highway, bearing its load of household furnishings and seven kids in the back, and followed by other cars on the way to go to Colorado to pick fruit. We were leaving behind our old lives for who knew how long, out to start a new one away from the farm where I had lived before, I felt like this was the start of a new and wonderful adventure and my cousins weren't just cousins, but like the formation of a band of explorers sharing the road...and everything else! So I unzipped my shorts and took out my little wienie, and Deke did the same, and then it was a bit of a tangle while we got hold of each other. Deke confused me by rolling onto his side toward me, but that wasn't so bad, and it let him use his other hand to work me while I used the one nearest him to pump his dick. "Hey, what you two doing?" Terry asked. "Playing with our dicks." I said. I wasn't the least bit ashamed of it, didn't know it wasn't anything everyone wasn't doing at night in bed. The only thing strange about this, as I said, was that we were doing it in the daytime where we could see. "Can I play?" "You got Jeff over there." I pointed out. "You two do it." Terry took my advice (one boy's dick was the same as the other, as long as he did yours at the same time you did his), so we were a busy bunch of cousins whacking on each other's puds while my parents, oblivious to what we were doing, drove us to Colorado. As usual, my orgasm was dry and felt really good, then I had to push Deke's hand away from me as it began to hurt. I finished him up and we kind of grinned at each other for a time. But our games were just starting. Jeremy scooted down and his legs came up around mine and I said, "Hey! What are you doing?" "Going to put our wienies up against each other." Jeremy said. Chuck was busy with Jed at the moment, I saw, whomping his dick while Jed was groaning and panting away, Chuck had this big grin on his face while he pumped his cousin's prick. Chuck always liked playing this with us kids, even though he was something like eleven years old then, a couple years older than Preteen Models Bbs all the rest of us. But he was a great cousin and lots of fun and willing to play with us in all our games. Jeremy got to where we were pressed dick-to-dick and his hand grabbed both of our dicks and he played with them together. My dick had rested for a little while, and so I was ready to do it again (I always had no trouble recovering pretty quick from a game of play-with-dick in the bed and none of the rest of my family did either, just rest a little while and we could go again). The second time, my dick seemed to be a little more excited than the first one, I mean the feelings were stronger, more intense. Maybe it was because I was still a little tender, or maybe it was that I liked this way best, our two dicks together being worked at the same time, so I was groaning like Jed did when he reached his climax under Chuck's flailing hand. Jeremy's hands got tired after a while, though, so when he began to slow down and not work them right, I reached down and pumped both of us and I looked over at my brother Terry while doing that (I couldn't see Jeremy in that position) and he was in a three-way in a circle with Deke and Jeff, the boys laying with their heads on each other's thighs, pumping the dicks only inches from their faces, if any of us could have come back then, they would have all gotten splashed but good. I watched my brother and cousins working each other as I double-pumped me and Jeremy, and when Jeremy began to groan, I felt my own joy rising up, and we both got our second climax like that, the two of us gasping and moaning together. That second orgasm was more intense, like I said, the tender dicks bringing us joy again, it was one reason why we always kept at it when we slept together at night, the entire family was like me, us kids loving the way it felt to jerk each other off again and again and again. And now I was seeing every bit of it, all those dark pleasures of night in the daylight and easy to see. I saw how the boy's dick would get all red on the head part of it when they came, and I saw how Chuck's dick would gush out a bit of clear fluid each time. I played with some of that, it was all warm and gooey and Chuck grunted as our curious boy's fingers ran over his cockhead and felt and brushed and rubbed into his enraged glans the slick, salty liquid. Then Deke and Chuck got into the same dick-to-dick position at my urging, and I jerked both brothers at once, those two warm tools feeling so good in my hand, and Chuck gushed his fluid all over Deke's little dick and made it slippery and I finished up Deke with Chuck's clear ooze as a lubricant which he loved. After that, all our shorts were pulled off by then, and we were kind of a mish-mash in the area of that mattress-sized box. I had Terry on one side of me and Jeff on the other, and I had one of their dicks in each hand, pumping on my brother and my cousin at the same time, while Jeremy played with mine. I remember Terry between my legs looking up at me as he pumped my little willy, staring at it so carefully; I guess he looked at me the way I looked at Chuck, like this was something he'd have one day, his own dick was even smaller than mine. Terry giggled when he brought me, his big brother, to a climax and then it was my turn to grab hold of Jed and do him for a change. We boys changed off again and again, even when we couldn't manage to climax any more, we weren't sleepy and there was nothing else to do but play with each other's dicks, and so we did, while the pickup made miles of road vanish underneath us. We had left on our trip about six in the morning, and we didn't stop until almost noon. We felt the truck lurch to a stop and we kids hurriedly fetched our shorts and pulled them on (we had taken them off entirely what with all that was going on) and Jeff couldn't find his and he had to pull the quilt up over him quickly, when the boards were lifted off from the back of the box. "Are you kids okay in here?" My father said. "Yeah, we're fine." "Good." "Sure." "Great." "Uh-huh." we all chimed in. "We've stopped at a picnic area, you boys climb out and we'll stretch our legs and have lunch before we move on." Daddy said. "Where are we?" Chuck wanted to know as we all climbed out. Jeremy found Jeff's shorts and threw them back to him and Jeff had to wiggle them on in a hurry. "Just outside of Ardmore." Daddy said. "Where's Ardmore?" I asked. "In Colorado?" Daddy laughed at that more than it deserved. "No, no, we're not a quarter-way there, yet. Got a lot more driving to do before we get to Hotchkiss." "Hotchkiss?" Terry asked before I could. "Hotchkiss, Colorado." Daddy supplied. "That's where we're going. But it's a lot further to go yet." "How are you boys doing back there?" my Aunt Janet wanted to know. She was my father's sister, and she and my Uncle Brad were childless. "You boys okay? You can change off with us and ride in one of the cars if you want to." I don't have to tell you that all seven of us boys shook our heads "No!" in a hurry. "We're okay." Chuck said. "Yeah, we're having fun." I said. "Playing games and stuff." "You see?" Mom chipped in. "You found something to do on the ride after all, didn't you?" "Uh-huh." I agreed, my face in a beatific smile. And the best thing about Colorado was that the guy who hired my family only had these little-bitty houses for us to live in, and they put us boys all in one of the rooms like a sort of dormitory. And from that first morning in the truck until we rode back the same way about November when all the fruit-picking was done, me and my brother and cousins had lots of fun in bed. Even to this day, more than forty years later, our families all agree that the year we all went to Colorado to pick fruit was one of the best times of our lives![Note: Okay, now that this story is done, the secret about this story is that it is all perfectly true. I changed the names of my family, created dialogue and such for dramatic effect, but everything else is just the way it really happened. Any other questions about why so many of my stories involve six-year-old boys?] THE END Comments, Complaints or Suggestions? Send E-mail to Tommyhawk1AOL.COM. WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSROGUEMOON.COM
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